Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Photos of Puerto Montt, Petrohue Falls and Lake Esmeralda

Our young guide began our tour
by taking us to a lookout on a hill on the other side of the Puerto Montt bay, overlooking the town

Sagrada Corazon was one of the stops on our
excursion to the Lake District

Given our time in Ecuador and Peru, the handicraft market in the small town of Puerto Varas didn't entice us to add to our collection of trinkets

An "emuzing emu" at a farm/ranch/restaurant along the way to Petrohue Falls

As you can tell by Barbara's reaction, we're always amazed by snow-capped peaks, especially volcanoes!

Cattle and cyclists - companions
along this stretch of the Pan
American highway between
Puerto Montt and Lake Esmeralda

Several views of Petrohue Falls;
we were told that the water table
was low and the falls were less
powerful than normal; couldn't
tell by us!

On the shores of beautiful Lake
Todos los Santos, better known
as Lake Esmeralda because of
the vivid blue-green color that
isn't as apparent in our photo!

On our return along Lake
Llanquihue, we had several
views of snow capped volcanoes -
Osorno, Calbuco and Hornopiren,
though we never were sure which
was which!

As we return from our excursion to Petrohue Falls and Lake Esmeralda, we have a clear view of Puerto Montt with our ship docked in the background

Copper mining is a major industry in
the Puerto Montt area. The cathedral
on the central plaza exemplifies its
importance. Look closely and you will
see that copper plays a significant role
in the construction of the church - from
the massive doors to the bell cupola to
the decorative art (alas, the full photo
of the church disappeared!)

Purto Montt combines the old and the new. Above is the recently constructed Paris department store with, according to our young guide, everything that's available in Santiago!

As we leave Puerto Montt, a haze blurs the surrounding hills and gives notice of weather to come!

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