Sunday, February 25, 2007

From Cusco to Puno - A Nine-Hour Trek - Note-commentary on this & 4 following sets of photos posted earlier: Peru 3: Puno, Lake Titicaca, Lima

Our guide, Jorge, probably didn't need the mike in our too small Inka Express bus
This wasn't our bus for the nine-hour drive from Cusco to Puno!

The kids had no trouble scampering around at 12,000+ feet; the rest of us could barely breath

We never got tired of seeing snow capped Andes!

The Inka religious sanctuary for the god, Wiracocha

Using traditional agricultural techniques

Hoagies and cheese steaks far from Philly!

Leisurely lunch in the town of Ayaviri

Political graffiti, about the only thing worth noting over kilometers of dusty highway

More political grafitti

We finally reached Lake Titicaca and Puno!

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