Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lake Titicaca's "Floating Islands"

We boarded our Lake Titicaca tour boat at the Puno harbor dock
A channel through the reeds used by the Uros to create "Floating Islands" on Lake Titicaca

Approaching Isla Apu Inti, the "Floating Island" we visited (but one of many such islands)

Our guide, Richard, with the leader of the Isla Apu Inti families

If you jump on the "Floating Island" - as BJB and I did - it moves!

Cooking lunch on Uro's "Floating Island"

The schools for Uro kids

Reed figures guard entrance to Uro home

TV powered by solar panels in Uro home

An Uro boat made from reeds

BJB playing Cleopatra on the Uro's boat

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