Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Photos - Puerto Chacabuco, Coyhaique and the Simpson Valley

These photos may convey why Puerto Chacabuco is known as the place where "the Andes fall into the ocean"

This shot through the window of the bus provides a sense of the chilly, rainy weather we encountered on our trip to Coyhaique and the Simpson Valley

A somewhat soaked BJB leans on the statue we dubbed "Pachamama" of Peruvian fame, a feature of the lovely park in the center of Coyhaique

We trouped through the rain to view this interesting statuary of a herdsman and his dog leading his sheep

The Regional Museum of Patagonia in Coyhaique included
this stuffed Condor (a lot closer view than we had in the
Colca Valley in peru) and the first computer in this part of
of Chile (that photo, as have many others, migrated to who
knows where when I tried to format the blog!)

Among the interesting sights along the way were the only operating windmills in Chile and a lovely waterfall tumbling down right next to the road

We were led along the Simpson River by our guide who pointed out the flora and fauna

After the NCL crowd riding with us on Bus #2 totally and
completely decimated the buffet table (including all of the
Pisco sours and wine) at our luncheon restaurant, our
almost drowned guide calls us back to the bus!

It cleared up a bit on our return trip through the Simpson Valley back to Puerto Chacabuco

A wet and bedraggled group of tourists eagerly line up to get back on the Crown!

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